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mTab is a leading market insights platform for data-driven enterprises. The mTab platform, recently awarded Best Data Solution 2020 by MRS, transforms data sources into streamlined stories to help brands better understand their customers and competitors to empower decisions and deliver exceptional experiences. Our industry expertise and unrivaled innovation make mTab the ideal market insights partner for leading brands around the world. Contact us to see how we can help enhance your organization by transforming your complex data into actionable intelligence.

16 May
in General

Vinay discusses how evolutions and advancements in market research and insight technology are impacting consumer understanding and customer experience, specifically in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) space.

9 May

Walid Benchama discusses the importance of being moment-of-truth oriented in our quest to understand behaviours, evolving stakeholders' mindsets, advancing insights and how brands are understanding consumers.

18 April
in General

The important work that PepsiCo is doing around sustainability

11 April
in Opinions

A sit down with Dan Foreman, Chairman, ZappiStore

4 April

How the insights profession is evolving in the automotive vertical.

14 March
in General

Devising solutions that have both a global and local impact

7 March

Hope as a useful solution or another hyped piece of technology that will eventually fall by the wayside?

28 February
in General

Insight professionals’ productivity and ability to deliver excellence, rigour, and creativity, whilst working to tight deadlines and within demanding budget constraints.

21 February

The challenges and benefits of data-driven storytelling in today’s business world

14 February
in General

Picking the Winners - perspectives from the Insight250 Judges (Part 2

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