Capturing early stage consumer feedback, post-COVID

4 November 2021

Learn about how Nestle uncovered pre-market feedback for an ad campaign.

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Despite inflation, labor availability, and supply chain disruptions as issues for brands small and large, consumers are patient and focused on getting what they want and need.  

The enlightened consumer  

According to data from Forbes, greater self-awareness driven by isolation during COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for new consumer buying behaviors. That means brands need to understand the headspace of consumers pursuing self-improvement and deeper meaning. While this trend is relevant in the context of product innovation, marketers should be equally aware of this when positioning consumer products. 

Brand authenticity 

Pre-market feedback has always been important, but this new self-awareness and increasing sensitivity to authenticity in advertising requires even greater sensitivity from brands in general. Where pre-COVID-19 trends might necessitate early testing (especially for TV commercials) related to PR crises, post-COVID-19 trends dictate that “woke washing” and other empty efforts related to meaning must be carefully reviewed in advertising before releasing creative assets to the market. Marketing to a whole new set of personas with new needs and pain points has considerable impact for our industry, driving up the need for faster, more agile insights - even more than pre-COVID, which seems nearly impossible. 

Using AI to capture early feedback 

97% of market researchers say they will likely adopt new virtual techniques in the long-term that will enable them to conduct virtual research, according to a Remesh study. The dramatic shift to online research in 2020 and 2021, and particularly the use of artificial intelligence, has already fueled substantial change in the industry. And artificial intelligence’s use for pre-market feedback is no different. 

A great example of using AI comes from Nestlé - who needed to collect consumer feedback on three potential advertisements for Life Cuisine frozen meals in order to optimize existing ad concepts in this new reality, and uncover drivers of appeal for current and potential consumers. A perfect example of best in class insights work - read this case study and learn about how Nestle uncovered pre-market feedback for an ad campaign.

Ginny Lobel
Vice President, Marketing at Remesh


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