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23 June
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Does the naked eye always beat an automated approach?

22 June

How to be a respondent-centric researcher?

15 June

How to be a respondent-centric researcher?

23 May

Response biases that cause differences between reported and actual values can be reduced by various measures. However, these are associated with advantages and disadvantages.

28 March

Unique perspectives on a spectrum of topics impacting research and insights, from innovation and leadership to trust and disruption.

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21 February
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Kim Smouter finds out about the supply ecosystem in market research

Data Degradation

10 min read
22 December 2021
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Your surveys, your data, your clients are being affected in ways that we’ve just begun to uncover.

26 October 2021
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Learn about the impact of ethics on marketing, insights and market research

22 October 2021

Do standards and ethics which are so important to us inside our professional lives, extend outside those lives?

7 October 2021
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Estimates on the frequency of fraud in insights and analytics vary, from the low teens to as high as 30-40 percent.