Welcome to the new ESOMAR Corporate Members in April

1 May

Discover the latest companies who have chosen to join the ESOMAR community as corporate members.

7 min read
7 min read

Join us in extending a warm welcome to a group of new companies that have become ESOMAR Corporate members! These organizations have affirmed their belief in the significance of professional standards and ethics within their company by endorsing the ICC/ESOMAR Code of Conduct and its accompanying guidelines.

ESOMAR Corporate membership signifies global recognition for companies dedicated to upholding elevated standards, actively educating their peers about research standards, and pioneering advancements in our industry on a global scale.

Canvs AI transforms open-ended text from surveys, social comments, and reviews into actionable insights. Their platform uncovers powerful connections, providing deeper consumer understanding and generating reports effortlessly.

Leading brands, research agencies, and media & entertainment companies rely on Canvs to accelerate insights, cut costs, and deepen consumer understanding. 

At Vista Grande, their mission is to revolutionize marketplace understanding by providing a comprehensive framework that connects shoppers, retailers, and products seamlessly. With a focus on your organization's greatest challenges and opportunities, they offer strategic guidance on sales and marketing tactics.

Vista Grande specializes in delivering holistic shopping insights that drive transformative strategies. With their consultative approach and extensive expertise, they work collaboratively to tailor solutions that shape the future of your retail success. 

At MMR Research Worldwide Ltd, sensory science meets consumer insight to elevate your brand. With their expertise, they craft experiences that forge deep connections across your brand, packaging, and products. They engineer propositions that captivate consumers, ensuring both initial purchase and long-term loyalty.

In a crowded market, it's essential to stand out. At MMR Research Worldwide Ltd, they specialize in creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. They help engineer sensory delivery strategies that make your brand truly unforgettable and set you up for success from day one.

XINSIWEI Market Research, is a professional data research institution with foreign-related survey permission license,import & export licence, and high-tech enterprise license in China. XINSIWEI is a member of China Association of Market Information and Research (CAMIR) .

They have global resources with 20+ years of domestic and overseas experience. They skill in integrated methods to collect and analyze data. They offer a full range of market research services with an international perspective. Their services include: Intelligence Gathering, Quantitative, Qualitative, Mystery Shopping, Programming, Tabulating Analytical and Reporting services. 

SagaPoll gives the opportunity to make money online from the comfort of your home or anywhere, simply by sharing your opinions through paid surveys.

Here's how it works: Connect with numerous companies and organizations in Africa seeking your feedback. Your input helps shape new products and services or improves existing ones. Members receive perks like instant survey notifications, access to surveys anytime, rewards for opinions, and the ability to exchange points for cash.

As social researchers, Cifras & Conceptos specialize in extracting invaluable insights from the sea of data, guiding their clients to distinguish signal from noise in today's data-rich world.

Their expertise spans various analytical methods, from descriptive to inferential analysis, modeling, and business intelligence. They pride ourselves on constructing indicators and indexes and designing sectoral information observatories.They are committed to delivering reliable, independent analyses rooted in data and information.

Insights Elite is a dynamic global Market Intelligence company, offering comprehensive research solutions and strategic intelligence services for Asian companies aiming for global success. With expertise and tailored panellist profiling, they lead in online market research across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, marking them as one of the fastest-growing companies in the field.

Specializing in market modeling, pricing strategies, demand forecasting, new product development, and more. They excel in both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, online and offline.

TFCO Co., Ltd. is a market research and consultancy firm, specializing in comprehensive support for corporate activities. Facing challenges like stagnant domestic markets and global competition, TFCO emphasizes innovation and cost efficiency. With a focus on successful overseas ventures, the company conducts meticulous market research and offers tailored solutions. 

Committed to fostering international growth and talent development, Tefco prioritizes customer satisfaction and multilingual proficiency. Grounded in expertise, it empowers businesses to navigate global complexities with confidence, ensuring success on all fronts.

TestSet data delivers reliable insights, enabling swift decision-making and fostering stronger connections with your target audiences. With a commitment to transparency and decades of experience, they provide quick access to real, verified, and engaged audiences through rigorous sampling and quality management processes.

Built upon transparency and respect, TestSet employs robust identity verification procedures, ensuring genuine and interested participants in research studies. They specialize in customizing audience services for each study, offering expert consultation to design tailored sampling plans.

ThinkTank Research Group unlocks the potential of data and insights for your business or research endeavors. With their comprehensive market research solutions, they connect you with elusive audiences from their panel and global partnerships, fueling your research and marketing initiatives.

Their expert team collaborates with you to craft a tailored, strategic plan for data collection aligned with your research objectives. Whether you require quantitative or qualitative research, ThinkTank Research Group possesses the expertise and resources to ensure seamless and impactful data collection.

Applause Research is a leading provider of end-to-end market research solutions, bridging the gap between market researchers and online respondents. Specializing in healthcare, B2B, and consumer research, they deliver superior survey results through meticulous panel selection and rigorous checks.

With a global presence, they excel in in-depth studies on medical equipment and products across various domains. By engaging professionals and thought leaders, they deliver profound insights to drive informed decisions.

Vypr offers targeted and robust consumer data quickly, providing feedback on concepts, branding, packaging, pricing, and more. Their cutting-edge research technologies and expert support keep your product development agile, enabling better consumer-centric decisions. 

Measure your brand's health, perception, and promotional impact with their brand tracker, analyzing performance pre- and post-campaigns and against competitors. With Vypr, you can gain valuable insights to drive your brand forward.

Tango is your partner for enterprise-grade scale and security, tailored for companies of all sizes. With industry-leading technology, they effortlessly support programs of any magnitude, delivering millions of global rewards and payouts each month while prioritizing the safety and security of their customers and recipients.

At Tango, they believe that rewards, incentives, and payments transcend mere transactions; they are opportunities to nurture stronger relationships and enhance business performance. Whether your goals revolve around customer loyalty, employee engagement, wellness initiatives, or research participation, they are there to seamlessly facilitate connections and drive impactful results.

Global Healthcare Research is a premier qualitative market research agency, operating in the US and UK, exclusively serving the healthcare industry. Their comprehensive suite of services includes data collection, custom research, and strategic consulting tailored to global healthcare needs.

With an extensive panel of Healthcare Professionals across the US, UK, Europe, and LATAM, they offer personalized recruitment strategies and unparalleled support. Their approach prioritizes building relationships and uncovering insights, ensuring that every respondent matters in delivering meaningful qualitative research outcomes. 

Nordin Ahyoud
Head of Membership and Finance at ESOMAR