Welcome to the new ESOMAR Corporate Members in March 2024

26 March

Discover the latest companies who have chosen to join the ESOMAR community as corporate members.

4 min read
4 min read

Join us in extending a warm welcome to a group of new companies that have become ESOMAR Corporate members! These organizations have affirmed their belief in the significance of professional standards and ethics within their company by endorsing the ICC/ESOMAR Code of Conduct and its accompanying guidelines.

ESOMAR Corporate membership signifies global recognition for companies dedicated to upholding elevated standards, actively educating their peers about research standards, and pioneering advancements in our industry on a global scale.

In a time where quality data reigns supreme, Morning Consult stands at the forefront, recognizing the paramount importance of reliable information. With a global reach, they conduct surveys daily, engaging thousands of individuals worldwide. This exclusive, forward-looking survey data forms the cornerstone of their offerings, providing an advantage in the realm of decision intelligence.

They leverage sophisticated analytical applications to extract invaluable insights from their data, empowering their users to make informed decisions with confidence.

Established in 1998, Plus 94 Research has emerged as one of South Africa’s premier market research companies. From its inception, the company has been characterized by progressive thinking and visionary leadership, challenging industry norms and pushing the boundaries of knowledge within the research landscape.

Driven by a vision to redefine benchmarks and pioneer new frontiers in research, Plus 94 Research has consistently demonstrated incremental growth in both capabilities and resources. Through a combination of commercial acumen, social relevance, and forward-thinking strategies, they have earned a distinguished reputation within the South African business sector and among progressive corporate entities.

Isi specializes in unraveling the intricacies of human emotions, thoughts, and purchasing behaviors. Leveraging their expertise in understanding these aspects, they formulate recommendations aimed at crafting successful and sustainable strategies, concepts, and products for their clients.

Guided by the principle of simplicity, they operate under the ethos of the "4 isi-ways," making every aspect of their collaboration seamless and straightforward. Their toolkit for a better tomorrow encompasses a blend of full-service market research, including both quantitative and qualitative methodologies conducted digitally and face-to-face, along with sensory product research involving consumer and expert sensory analysis. 

IOTA specialize in automated consulting, data analytics, and emerging technology solutions, empowering their clients with unparalleled agility and assertiveness in decision-making.

Through disruptive consultancy, they facilitate transformative change within businesses, fostering co-creation and optimization to drive sustainable growth. Their collaborative approach involves working closely with your teams to streamline processes, bridge departmental gaps, and optimize operations, ultimately enhancing efficiency and agility to stay ahead in the dynamic tech landscape.

Established over 50 years ago, Universal Robina Corporation stands as one of the largest branded consumer food and beverage product companies in the Philippines, boasting a significant and expanding presence throughout the ASEAN region. 

Positioning itself as a trailblazer in manufacturing, URC continually leverages best-in-class technologies and processes to drive innovation and excellence. Key to URC's success lies in its commitment to building strong brands, maintaining a robust product innovation pipeline, and fostering world-class manufacturing and supply chain capabilities. 

Discover the power of consumer insights with Aytm. They offer both the technology and expertise to unlock the voice of the consumer, gather actionable insights, and propel your market research endeavors forward.

Success in research demands tailored solutions that adapt to your needs in real-time. At Aytm, their in-house experts bring unparalleled value to your research initiatives. They collaborate with your team to foster agile and iterative processes. Whether you seek guidance to chart a new course or the tools to navigate independently, their research experts are dedicated to propelling your business forward.

Nordin Ahyoud
Head of Membership and Finance at ESOMAR