Welcome to the new ESOMAR Corporate Members in November

1 December 2023

Discover the latest companies who have chosen to join the ESOMAR community as corporate members.

4 min read
4 min read

Join us in extending a warm welcome to a group of new companies that have become ESOMAR Corporate members! These organizations have affirmed their belief in the significance of professional standards and ethics within their company by endorsing the ICC/ESOMAR Code of Conduct and its accompanying guidelines.

ESOMAR Corporate membership signifies global recognition for companies dedicated to upholding elevated standards, actively educating their peers about research standards, and pioneering advancements in our industry on a global scale.

Since its establishment in 1987, Análisis e Investigación has been at the forefront of conducting innovative Market, Marketing, and Opinion Studies.

The dedicated global team is committed to delivering enhanced value to clients through the following core principles: (1) a diverse, multidisciplinary team equipped with technical, marketing, and business expertise, (2) active engagement in investigations, embracing the challenges as their own, and providing insightful consulting services, (3) demonstrating strategic prowess and vision, employing a pragmatic research approach with a focus on strategic perspectives, and (4) pioneering the development of novel, flexible, and integrative research models to adapt to evolving needs.

Rare Patient Voice, LLC bridges the gap between patients, family caregivers, and meaningful opportunities to voice their opinions in various research studies. With a history rooted in rare and orphan diseases dating back to 1998, Rare Patient Voice has conducted interviews and surveys involving patients, family caregivers, physicians, nurses, and leaders of patient advocacy groups. 

Celebrating a decade of impact, Rare Patient Voice launched globally, recruiting participants for research studies in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. Rare Patient Voice remains dedicated to amplifying the voices of those living with various health challenges.

Established in 2010, SICA LLC has been a provider of top-tier business research, social and economic research, international project research, evaluation, data collection, and training services. Committed to fostering a culture of customer respect and prioritizing quality, they have consistently enhanced their resources and capabilities, firmly establishing themselves in the dynamic realm of research and development.

Since their inception, adherence to international standards has been a cornerstone of their operations. They continually integrate cutting-edge technology into their services and forge collaborative partnerships with prominent domestic and foreign-invested enterprises, organizations, governmental and non-governmental entities.

Create, analyze, and share data seamlessly from one platform with Walr. Walr helps companies streamline their data creation process, leveraging their extensive expertise in data creation, which they integrated into their proprietary technology to provide a fully unified and supported solution for your online research needs.

With the convenience of a cumulative experience of hundreds of years in online research, they understand how to optimize efficiency without compromising quality. Their world-class cloud infrastructure and rigorous data quality procedures ensures unlimited capacity, security, and compliance with data protection and privacy regulations.

Boasting over 40 years of sustained growth, Almarai Company remains committed to delivering nutritious and wholesome products to consumers of all ages, guided by its fundamental principle, "Quality you can trust."

Almarai is dedicated to advancing its vision for research and development, characterized by an ongoing exploration for wholesome products that boast high-quality nutritional value, catering to consumer satisfaction and tastes. This commitment involves a meticulous analysis of consumer demands and a thorough examination of potential choices. To realize this vision, Almarai relies on innovation, utilizing scientific mechanisms to create new products.

Nordin Ahyoud
Head of Membership and Finance at ESOMAR