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21 May

This article, an excerpt from ESOMAR's Global Market Research 2023 report, explores how project types and study designs are evolving over time and identifies trends that were already growing and have accelerated.

14 May

Internalization in market research is trending, driven by technological advancements, leading to a balance between in- and outsourcing, while strategic insights and foresights remain vital for growth amid increasing demands and resource constraints.

11 May
in General

Respondent response rates are crucial in online research, which continues to be in high demand due, necessitating increased engagement efforts and incentives amid challenges like survey fatigue and recruitment costs.

30 April
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Technological advancements have reshaped market research, but it's not that simple. Here, we provide an edited extract of a chapter that can be found in ESOMAR’s Global Market Research report.

16 April

The paramount concern for software vendors is crafting capabilities that adhere to the diverse spectrum of privacy standards and legislation across the world.

15 April

ESOMAR’s Global Prices Study 2023 finds that the global median price for social listening projects involving the delivery of data collection, presentation and advanced analytics has been steadily increasing over the years.

9 April
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If we don’t do something, we will not have any respondents left. Exploring the causes of lower survey quality and the main solutions to overcome the problem from the perspectives of market research and insights industry stakeholders.

2 April

The results of the latest ESOMAR Users and Buyers Global Insights Study show there is much to be positive about in the next 12 months, alongside clear challenges ahead for internal insights teams and their research agency partners.

27 March
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The abundance of data from diverse sources presents both opportunities and obstacles. A proactive self-regulation policy such as the currently under-revision ICC/ESOMAR Code will be pivotal in addressing them.

18 March
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ESOMAR’s Global Prices Study 2023 finds that the global median prices for the online modes of many market research projects have increased compared to 2021.

13 March
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The various underlying factors behind the phenomena revealed in ESOMAR’s Global Users & Buyers of Insights report.

6 March
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A clear distinction between the Market Research sector and the Data Analytics sector is that the latter is yet to bind its stakeholders with a globally recognised and pervaded industry association like ESOMAR.

28 February

This article explores how AI will transform the market research and insights industry from the perspectives of its various stakeholders.

12 February
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Inflation and a strong US Dollar are two big factors to consider when examining the prices reported in the Global Prices Study 2023

7 February

This three-part article explores how AI will transform the market research and insights industry from the perspectives of its various stakeholders.

31 January
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Challenges for insight generation come from within

24 January
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Though the rest of the Americas demonstrated its economic strength, its growth was impeded by inflation.

17 January
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In the face of enduring economic, social, and political disruptions that have long impacted these two regions, ESOMAR’s Global Market Research 2023 reveals a noteworthy recovery in 2022 for both the Middle East and Africa.

15 January
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Eight “dummy” projects to describe the pricing mechanism within the Market Research Industry.

10 January
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ESOMAR’s Global Users & Buyers of Insights 2023 report shows that around half of all projects (48%) are conducted internally, with signs hinting at a preference for simpler, likely cheaper projects being chosen for internalisation.

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