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18 May
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There is a greater need to get the right data and insights faster for global brands and researchers alike

17 May

Unveiling the power of domestic clients: witness the remarkable pandemic recovery driven by domestic demand as clients shape success and budgets while exploring regional variations and shifting trends in major sectors of the market research landscape.

6 March
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This article appeared, in full, in ESOMAR’s Global Market Research 2022 report

6 February
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What can and can't tech do? Some may see stars and others Orion

23 January
in General

The internalisation of the insights function

9 January
in General

These two regions,continue in their struggle

5 December 2022
in General

Positive regional growth, but sufficient?

21 November 2022
in General

The turnover left untapped in the past two years, may well haunt the industry for longer.

7 November 2022
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Up to 22 out of 37 European countries registered a double-digit absolute growth rate during 2021.

26 October 2022
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The roller coaster which began in 2020 with the propagation of an invisible enemy – the SARS-CoV-2 virus – continued into 2021

16 May 2022
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How has the pandemic reshaped the industry requiring us to reformulate its value points

25 April 2022
in General

How to solve the excessive complexity of the Insights profession?

28 March 2022
in General

What makes investment in the Insights Industry interesting (Excerpt from the Evolution of the Data, Analytics and Insights Industry, a forecast into 2023)

21 March 2022
in General

Shy recovery after strong pandemic impact

14 March 2022
in General

Seven “dummy” projects to describe the pricing mechanism within the Market Research Industry.

7 March 2022
in General

A strong recovery in 2021, but was it enough?


5 min read
28 February 2022
in General

Forsta: The fusion of sources and methods in the Insights Industry (Excerpt from the Evolution of the Data, Analytics and Insights Industry, a forecast into 2023)

21 February 2022
in General

Different reactions to the pandemic

14 February 2022
in General

8 lessons learned from the pandemic in the Market Research, Data and Insights Industry.

7 February 2022
in General

Turbulence in European insights during the pandemic, tempered by the tech-enabled industry

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