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1 December 2023

"Everyone, from pioneers to beginners, is in the process of pinpointing gaps, potential risks, and biases."

1 December 2023

How can AI support insights professionals in bringing insights to life and building compelling narratives?

21 November 2023

"A few clients mentioned their successful large-scale tests enabling them to produce far more sophisticated market segmentation analyses. "

21 November 2023

A recent roundtable discussion delved into the diverse landscape of AI's role in qualitative research, raising a multitude of questions and considerations.

21 November 2023

Over two round table sessions, we (a collection of clients and suppliers from a wide range of countries, including Japan and Tunisia) discussed the implications of AI on the evolution of research methods.

20 November 2023

ESOMAR brought together experts, practitioners and curious learners (such as myself) eager to learn and share knowledge about one of the tropical topics – Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the insights industry.

15 November 2023

The Data Analytics sector continues to propel the insights industry in Europe.

10 November 2023

With industry's growth on the rise, some countries are struggling to keep pace.

6 November 2023

Discover the importance of embracing AI in a rapidly evolving industry and the benefits of incorporating colour theory from the beginning of your product development process.

6 November 2023

AI is fast becoming a driving force in the market research and insights industry.

2 November 2023

Unlocking AI's true potential while protecting the industry.

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1 November 2023

Culturally, we’re in a decidedly teenage era. So why do consumers behave in specific ways and buy certain product categories and brands?

27 October 2023

We explore the future of surveys in research and the role of AI with Florian Myter, the co-founder of Weavely.

25 October 2023

In this podcast we delve into how AI is transforming the way we plan our travels, creating more personalised and inclusive experiences.

25 October 2023

The entire presentation from Congress 2023, discusses the necessary skills we humans will need to consider to stay competitive in the evolving technological future.

10 October 2023

The Insight250 CEO, Crispin Beale, sat down with the Co-Chairs of the Insight250 Selection Committee, Kristin Luck and Mark Langsfeld, to discuss the new Insight250 Legends industry award.

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AI: All-Inputs

5 min read
4 October 2023

We are the chefs. Data are our ingredients.

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1 October 2023

But concerns exist.

26 September 2023

Researchers value ethics and standards of quality, but to generate the best data possible, we need also to be kind.

17 August 2023

Supercharge means “to make faster or more powerful.” Supercharge is also the theme for ESOMAR’s 2023 Global Congress, held in Amsterdam 10th-13th of September.

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