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11 July

Felicity Terry set off to MAD//FEST to gather feedback from customers and clients. With nearly 12,000 attendees comprised of brands, competitors, and marketing partners, it was an ideal sample size and demographic—a giant focus group!

21 May

This article, an excerpt from ESOMAR's Global Market Research 2023 report, explores how project types and study designs are evolving over time and identifies trends that were already growing and have accelerated.

14 May

Internalization in market research is trending, driven by technological advancements, leading to a balance between in- and outsourcing, while strategic insights and foresights remain vital for growth amid increasing demands and resource constraints.

7 May

To effectively gather insights from Generation Z, researchers must embrace innovative methodologies and nuanced approaches that reflect the diverse perspectives and behaviors of this unique cohort.

16 April

The paramount concern for software vendors is crafting capabilities that adhere to the diverse spectrum of privacy standards and legislation across the world.

15 April

ESOMAR’s Global Prices Study 2023 finds that the global median price for social listening projects involving the delivery of data collection, presentation and advanced analytics has been steadily increasing over the years.

2 April

The results of the latest ESOMAR Users and Buyers Global Insights Study show there is much to be positive about in the next 12 months, alongside clear challenges ahead for internal insights teams and their research agency partners.

8 March

Embracing the unexpected: my career journey from Data Dread to Data Empathy

8 March

"It took me about 30 years to admit that there is a place for feminists or female quotas in business."

8 March

Curious at heart, from a very young age, I was intrigued by how local brands in my country connected with the people and managed to touch their hearts with their actions.

8 March

As a woman deeply entrenched in the world of Market Research and Insights, my journey has been one of constant learning, growth, and impactful contributions

8 March

Think big about yourself and surround yourself with people who think even bigger about you.

8 March

My journey through the world of Market Research: Lessons, challenges, and triumphs

8 March

Like many professionals in this industry, I arrived here by accident rather than design.

8 March

More than three decades ago, I started working in the market research industry, in the most exciting times of the industry, as the ‘pen & paper’ data collection started to be replaced by more advanced techniques like CATI and CAPI.

12 January

In this episode, we delve into the pressing challenges businesses face in attracting new customers in the post-COVID world.

18 December 2023

A favourable wind crosses the region.

31 October 2023

Maria Bruder, a Senior Researcher with the BBC World Service, discussed a groundbreaking research project aiming to bridge the gender gap in news consumption.

23 October 2023

In part 2, we will explain why “greenwashing” is a problem and – most importantly – if and how we can solve it.

23 October 2023

In a two-part article, we’re going to understand if advertising can be saved from “greenwashing”. The first part will explain what “greenwashing” is and how green claims work.

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