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15 August 2023
in General

Ignite your knowledge and amplify your impact in the ever-evolving world of data and insights at this year's ESOMAR Congress in Amsterdam.

17 October 2023

To expand our understanding of the streaming entertainment industry, we sat down with Natasha Hritzug, the Vice President of Consumer Insights for WarnerMedia, to get an inside review of insights’ role in the entertainment industry.

26 July 2023
in General

There’s so much jargony, and empty noise in marketing. And most large corporates have their own suite of impenetrable acronyms to complicate matters further.

5 April 2023
in General

This article appeared, in full, in ESOMAR’s Global Market Research 2022 report.

10 November 2022
in General

Researchers are happier with mental health support, although more than 80% still report negative wellbeing.

18 August 2023
in General

Key themes and take aways from the "Future of Insights Summit".

22 November 2023
in General

Does keeping it in-house pose a threat to research agencies?

24 May 2023

We’ve always been wary of tech. But eventually, each new tech gets absorbed in a new normal, and life goes on... with man still in control! Is AI different?

2 November 2023

Unlocking AI's true potential while protecting the industry.

24 November 2022
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Getting a good night's rest

6 November 2023

AI is fast becoming a driving force in the market research and insights industry.

6 November 2023

Discover the importance of embracing AI in a rapidly evolving industry and the benefits of incorporating colour theory from the beginning of your product development process.

17 October 2023
in General

In the latest episode of ESOMAR's Talking Insights podcast, the ESOMAR Intelligence Unit unveils the Global Insights Overview, providing key insights for market research professionals.

28 February

This article explores how AI will transform the market research and insights industry from the perspectives of its various stakeholders.

8 November 2023
in General

Respondents can be divided into two major motivation types: intrinsic and extrinsic, so how do we keep them engaged?

7 August 2023
in General

We have outlined five key traits that we believe will help young researchers thrive in the market research industry.

20 November 2023

ESOMAR brought together experts, practitioners and curious learners (such as myself) eager to learn and share knowledge about one of the tropical topics – Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the insights industry.

12 October 2023
in General

If we can make insightful use of receipts for market research, we’ll enhance our future understanding of offline shoppers. Here’s how.

18 December 2023
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Wrapping up the year with 60 global honours.

25 October 2023

In this podcast we delve into how AI is transforming the way we plan our travels, creating more personalised and inclusive experiences.

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