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22 December 2023
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In this episode, we're joined by Nitesh Priyadarshi, Vice President of Consumer Insight at Unilever. Discover Nitesh's 17+ years of experience working across diverse markets and gain valuable insights into leadership, risk-taking, and fostering growth.

24 July 2023
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“No algorithms, no tracking, no personalized Ads ‒ just a safe space for you and your friends to hang out online!”

3 October 2023

Winnie Yeung, Head of Customer Insights & Research at Hang Seng Bank, provides an exceptional perspective on how insights are impacting the financial services industry and beyond through her experience on both the banking and agency sides of business.

2 November 2023

Unlocking AI's true potential while protecting the industry.

Living smart!

4 min read
27 December 2021

A take on the adoption rate of smart home devices

21 March

The recent MIE'24 conference had important lessons for the insights industry, illustrating that those who embrace and leverage AI responsibly will gain a competitive edge in shaping the future of the insights industry.

1 December 2023
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Crispin sat with Paul Hudson to understand the threats and challenges to survey research and the tactics and best practices to elevate participant experience and research quality.

13 October 2023

Continuation of the review of four waves of evolution in brand building theories and the interrelated changes in the brand health measurement methodologies.

6 September 2023

At the close of 2022, a blaze of sparks ignited as Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate engaged in a head-to-head clash on Twitter.

29 May 2023
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The power of marketing and insights to increase consumer understanding.

24 February 2023
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Discover the latest companies who have chosen to join the ESOMAR community as corporate members.

7 February

This three-part article explores how AI will transform the market research and insights industry from the perspectives of its various stakeholders.

1 May 2023

New privacy regulations, lockdowns by big players like Apple and Google, and general consumer skepticism about sharing personal data are having profound impacts on audience understanding.

15 November 2021

It’s clear that businesses and organisations around the world need to measure a different sort of success.

25 August 2023
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Discover the latest companies who have chosen to join the ESOMAR community as corporate members.

29 December 2022
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Discover the latest companies who have chosen to join the ESOMAR community as corporate members.

Time negotiation

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7 January 2022
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The fine art of time negotiation from the Shobservatory Research Chronicles.

9 January

There is a prevailing narrative that most innovation fails: the figure that is often quoted is that 95% fail. But is it true?

20 March 2023
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Quantitative passive methods dominate the research data-gathering landscape, with 56.5% of global spending

10 January
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ESOMAR’s Global Users & Buyers of Insights 2023 report shows that around half of all projects (48%) are conducted internally, with signs hinting at a preference for simpler, likely cheaper projects being chosen for internalisation.

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