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22 May 2023

Having attended a number of conferences over the past couple of weeks, I have been amazed not only at how ChatGPT has dominated almost all conversations and presentations, but also at the almost total absence of any cautionary note regarding its usage!

9 May 2023

Walid Benchama discusses the importance of being moment-of-truth oriented in our quest to understand behaviours, evolving stakeholders' mindsets, advancing insights and how brands are understanding consumers.

14 April 2022
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Fine Research have delivered 2460 support messages prepared by Latin America healthcare professionals to the Save The Children Humanitarian Response team

9 March 2023

There are risks and there are rewards when you invest in market research technology. Here are a few ways to choose the solution that will have the biggest impact on your business.


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7 December 2022

How to combat potential pitfalls using behavioural research

25 July 2023

Understanding consumers' emotional connections with a product or brand is increasingly critical

11 October 2022

Research used to be playful.

28 April 2023
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Discover the latest companies who have chosen to join the ESOMAR community as corporate members.

11 November 2021

This analysis examines why the US prolonged the Pandemic and the implications for the future

Top tips

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17 January 2023
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Reviewing the top tips of 2022 ( Part 1)

10 March 2023
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Read the series of articles written by incredible women for International Women's Week!

8 December 2021
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ESOMAR’s collaborator Jackie Rousseau-Anderson interviews Pål Malmros, partner at Verdane about what elements make the insights industry interesting for investors.

14 February 2022
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8 lessons learned from the pandemic in the Market Research, Data and Insights Industry.

2 August 2023

Those pesky consumers. If only they would really do what they say they will – buy the sustainable product, do the recycling, eat a plant-based diet – we would be able to save the planet, right?

10 January 2022

Using Effect Size statistics to inform business decisions

27 April 2022
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Do people shop ethically when times are hard?

13 April 2022
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We are always right!

5 September 2023

Simon Chadwick explains how market research and insights are evolving across a series of dimensions and how the importance of insights continues to grow.

31 August 2022
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Discover the latest companies who have chosen to join the ESOMAR community as corporate members.

6 July 2023

The visibility of LGBTQ+ individuals in media and their representation in campaigns, ads, and content has a lasting impact on creating an inclusive social atmosphere.

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