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12 January 2022

Behavioural Tech-heads: What technology needs to learn from behavioural science

1 December 2022

Part one: Leveraging the Direct Customer Relationship Flywheel

12 December 2022

There are now many thousands of statistical tools, and new methods are being developed at an increasingly rapid pace

9 February

A guide for evaluation of sentiment analysis solutions for market research: What to watch out for when choosing sentiment analysis software

6 March
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This article appeared, in full, in ESOMAR’s Global Market Research 2022 report

28 October 2021

Pivot to minimalism....?

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10 March
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Download quantilope’s full guide to learn more

Climate crisis

7 min read
25 November 2021
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Using data and insight to tackle problems for the planet

10 November 2021

According to Rare Disease Day, rare genetic diseases currently affect about 5.9 percent of the world's population.

30 November 2021

Wim Hamaekers, who is the founder of One Inch Whale, serves as the Managing Director of Thin Slicing and is the Belgium Representative for ESOMAR.

15 October 2021

Step 1 – The Brand DNA: history, vision and mission to build upon

25 October 2021

Policymakers should give greater consideration to long-term outcomes of nudges

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4 October 2021

Learn more about Highlight’s agile product testing platform and reach out to their team for a demo of their tech-enabled product.

29 November 2021

Apple App Store has become one of the most wanted mobile marketplaces among the world's developers

10 March
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Read the series of articles written by incredible women for International Women's Week!

3 December 2021
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Enjoy the latest edition of the Shobservatory Research Chronicles.

9 March

There are risks and there are rewards when you invest in market research technology. Here are a few ways to choose the solution that will have the biggest impact on your business.

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