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16 March
in Opinions

Sales and market research – how do they rub along together, if at all?

25 February
in General

How academic institutions can integrate advanced market research tools

Predictive qual

6 min read
21 October 2021

How to turn the art of qual into a science of impact?

3 August

Crispin sits down with Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO of Innovate MR to discuss the strategies and tactics to deliver more engaging, effective research to understand consumer, markets and competitors.

26 May
in General

A playbook for innovation leaders in the CPG/FMCG industry

14 October 2021

Since COVID-19, there’s been a dramatic shift in consumers’ mindsets globally towards healthier lifestyle habits.

Advertorial Series
4 November 2021

Learn about how Nestle uncovered pre-market feedback for an ad campaign.

28 April
in Opinions

As valid today as they were in 1916

1 August
in Opinions

The death of evidence?

22 October 2021

Do standards and ethics which are so important to us inside our professional lives, extend outside those lives?

27 April
in General

Do people shop ethically when times are hard?

21 March
in General

Shy recovery after strong pandemic impact

14 January

Review, projections & implications for Q1 2022

7 March
in General

A strong recovery in 2021, but was it enough?

6 December 2021

The context for insights and analytics in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in 2022

6 January
in General

Finn Raben, Director General at ESOMAR muses about what 2022 has in store for insights and analytics professionals.

10 December 2021

I’d like to say the pandemic ends with humanity learning a valuable lesson in the power to take care of one another.

7 February
in General

Turbulence in European insights during the pandemic, tempered by the tech-enabled industry

14 February
in General

8 lessons learned from the pandemic in the Market Research, Data and Insights Industry.


5 min read
20 December 2021

We need about 50,000 Omicron cases + 21 days of tracking to draw conclusions.

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