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27 May
in General

Making outcomes more meaningful, whilst insights become more valuable and valued.

Advertorial Series
14 October
in General

Best practices for crafting a discussion guide that results in effective research.

1 November 2021

Insight communities (also known as MROCs) seem to be on a roll, increasingly taking centre stage in many research designs. Find out why.

6 May
in Opinions

Highlights of the IIEX conference in Austin, Texas

28 June

The return, and importance of face-to-face events in bringing people together and of using awards to celebrate our sector.

9 March

New research shows that brands need to focus more than ever on earning people’s trust in how they use data.

7 April

the Beirut explosion

21 January

How brands can cut through the noise and create genuine connections with customers

16 December 2021

Tell us about your life one year from now.

11 May

What do an apathetic cartoon monkey, the first tweet ever tweeted, and the viral noughties video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ have in common? They’re all NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) sold for £900k, £2.1m, and £53k, respectively.

10 May

An assessment of how research strategies and tactics are evolving as markets become more complex and consumers become savvier.

5 April
in General

Sage advice from leaders and legends across the market research, consumer insights and data-driven marketing sectors.

3 May
in General

Two leaders in the market research space with a strong technology focus

Featured Advertorial
31 October

Do you know how consumers really feel about your brand, communications or category?

12 May
in General

The sudden removal of human contact as we once knew it has thrown up barriers to doing meaningful, focused interaction.

21 June

The growing importance of both community and collaboration in the research space and the professional world overall.

28 March

Unique perspectives on a spectrum of topics impacting research and insights, from innovation and leadership to trust and disruption.

24 August

"Change" is a word that has recently gained wide currency. The only question is whether it is change that has accelerated, or perhaps the narrative of constancy, largely supported by marketing matrices popular in global communication, has crumbled?

Advertorial Series
5 May

This presentation will highlight some examples and case studies where connecting applications and data allow us to supercharge processes.

3 November 2021
in General

Step 2 – The company location from the point of view of consumers and employees

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